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Levamed stabili-tri
ankle brace

  • Modular design
  • For 3 healing phases
  • Compressive knit
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The Levamed stabili-tri ankle brace is a triple-action modular orthosis for the functional care of ankle injuries and offers reliable treatment in 3 phases. It is designed to be adapted to suit the various phases of the healing process and to promote rapid mobilisation by accelerating the healing process.


  • Acute phase - high stability during acute and inflammation phase, helps to reduce swelling and relieves pain
  • Proliferation phase - gives the joint freedom to perform controlled movements, knit with talus lock tongue and strap ensures continuing stability
  • Remodulation phase - freedom of movement after removing the strap, knit with talus lock tongue still supports the joint
The elaborately worked knit ensures a balanced microclimate of the skin. Moisture is transported reliably and quickly from the inner surface to evaporate from the outer surface. At the same time, the material’s active breathing structure guarantees the necessary oxygen supply.
The integrated Clima Fresh function has antibacterial actions and reliably prevents odour formation. Bacteria are kept away from the knit to maintain fibre-deep hygiene.

The iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover is one of the leading independent design instituions worldwide. The iF label, that winners of the renowned iF Design Award are honoured with, is an internationally recognized sign of design excellence.

Material Composition
Polyamide, polyester, elastane
Washing Instruction

Can be washed at 30 degrees.

Quality Standard
Levamed stabili-tri ankle brace
  • Acute ligament injuries of the upper ankle
  • Chronic instability of the upper and lower ankle joint
  • For post-operative care after operations on the ligaments of the ankle joint

Side effects all over the body are currently not known. In the case of aids that are on too tight, e.g. ortheses, there can, however, in individual cases be localised pressure symptoms or constrictions of blood vessels or nerves. For this reason, you should in the following circumstances consult the doctor in charge of your treatment before using the orthesis.

  • Illnesses or injuries of the skin in the area of application, especially where there are signs of inflammation (excessive warming, swelling or reddening)
  • Sensory and circulatory disorders in the legs, feet (e.g. diabetes)
  • Lymph drainage disorders – as well as ambiguous swellings of soft parts away from the area of application


A combination with other products, e.g. compression stockings, must be cleared beforehand with the doctor in charge of your treatment.

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