Helping patients help themselves: New approaches to successful wound therapy

medi Wound Care Concept

"medi. I feel better."

This is the motto for the medi Wound Care Concept for treating patients with chronic wounds and giving them the gift of a better quality of life again.

medi offers a wide-ranging concept spanning from wound debridement to individual treatment of the underlying disease to long-term prevention of recurrence which takes a completely new approach in wound therapy.

Wound therapy with medi

  1. Step

    Wound debridement: Cleansing and care of the wound, wound edges and of the surrounding skin.

  2. Step

    Therapy for the underlying disease: Compression for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency.

    circaid juxtacures
    mediven ulcer kit

  3. Step

    Prevention of recurrence: Compression to maintain the treatment success.

    mediven plus

Step 1

Wound debridement

Cleansing and care of the wound, wound edges and of the surrounding skin.

Wundreinigung mit medi Produkten
Therapie der Grunderkrankung mit medi Produkten
Step 2

Therapy for the underlying disease

Compression for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency.

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circaid juxtacures and
mediven ulcer kit

Step 3

Prevention of recurrence

Compression to maintain the treatment.

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mediven plus 

circaid® juxtacures®

circaid® juxtacures®

Adjustable compression device for the acute phase with moderate to severe oedema.

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mediven ulcer kit®

mediven ulcer kit®

Compression stocking system for the acute phase with slight to moderate oedema.

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mediven plus®

mediven plus®

Round-knitted compression stocking for maintaining therapy success with slight to moderate tendency of oedema.

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circaid® juxtalite®

circaid® juxtalite®

Adjustable compression device for maintaining therapy success for those patients who are not able to apply compression stockings.

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Perfectly matched to one another

medi's Wound Care concept is based on three perfectly matched pillars.

The special UCS Debridement cloths cleanse the wound area without aggressive substances for a largely painless cleansing of the wound. The subsequent oedema treatment is given with the adjustable compression device circaid juxtacures that is individually customised to the circumferences of the patient's legs. After a brief training session, patients can apply the inelastic and breathable garments themselves. This frees from the time-consuming bandage changes.

As treatment progresses, the patient's leg circumference decreases – a highly motivating sense of achievement! By using the integrated Built-In-Pressure system and the handy BPS card, the patient can easily adjust the compression range to maintain the therapeutic compression level. As soon as the leg circumference has been reduced further, the size of circaid juxtacures can be readjusted, so that it 'shrinks' together with the legs' circumferences.

Perfekt aufeinander abgestimmtes Wundkonzept
A self-determined life with circaid juxtacures

Back to a self-determined life

circaid juxtacures users wear their own normal shoes and trousers. This newly regained mobility stimulates the muscle pump to support oedema reduction even further. With medi's Wound Care concept, patients are able to lead a self-determined life, even during the acute phase.

Once the oedema has been sufficiently decongested, the patient can then switch to the tried and tested mediven ulcer kit compression stocking system until the wound has healed completely. It consists of two  compression stockings that are worn over each other during the day. The inner stocking is also worn at night to prolong the treatment time.

After this, the aim is to maintain the successful therapeutic outcome with compression treatment. The comprehensive mediven product range of round or flat knit compression stockings offers a wide choice of colours and modern design elements. Here every user will find the suitable compression garment for long-term therapy – from discreet shades right up to fashionable trend colours.

For those patients who are not able to apply compression stockings, due to fragile skin, orthopaedic issues or other co-morbidities, medi also offers the adjustable compression device circaid juxtalite. It is very simple to put on thanks to the single garment straps, so these patients receive the best possible care as well.

From the acute phase to prevention of recurrence

medi's Wound Care concept offers doctors, specialist retailers and therapists a wide-ranging patient management system – and supplies solutions for all stages of treatment from a single source. This innovative approach saves time, is cost effective and actively includes the patients in their own treatment, thus increasing adherence and, with it, accelerating treatment success. This takes some of the load off doctors and therapists because patients visit them less often and need fewer appointments for changing bandages.

By combining the acute phase with prevention of recurrence, medi's advanced Wound Care concept unlocks new potential. User-friendly, comfortable and yet mobile – these properties of the wound care products convince patients and spur them on to become more mobile for a better quality of life. This shortens the wound healing phase and the patient is sooner able to switch to the permanent compression therapy.

Akutphase und Rezidivprophylaxe
Markus Brehm
Head of the Department Hospital & Wound Care

Markus Brehm

"Hospitals, doctors, medical retailers, therapists and users all benefit from the fact that we are offering them product solutions and healthcare concepts for so many problems.

medi's Wound Care Division plugs a gap and makes it possible to provide comprehensive care with medi's products spanning all the different stages of treatment.

The use of the Wound Care concept is a benefit for patients and healthcare professionals alike. This is what we work for all day, every day."

A headstart in treatment

A headstart in treatment

medi is pursuing completely new approaches in the field of treatment concepts.

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